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27Mar ,2017

The Genus Agaricus of General Description and Ecology

The Genus Agaricus of General Description and Ecology

Agaricus species are common worldwide, growing naturally on composted livestock manure, grassy fields, wood chip piles, and forest leaf litter. the species are usually specific to their food sources, with very little adaptability to different substrates. the most recognizable of all the mushrooms in this genus are the white button and portabellas, which are the same speies, as is the cleverly marketed crimini- white button is havested yong, portabellas later, and crimini during the second flush when mushrooms are smaller. the almond portabellas, or royal sun agaric, is a tasty and meaty button mushroom with the smell and sweet flavor of almond extract or anise. it is highly sought after but rarely cultivated on a large scale, due to the lack of availability of spawn and the higher fruiting temperature it requires-making the almond portabella an ideal candidate for smaller scale outdoor cultivation in more temperate or tropical climates. in temperate climate, the royal sun agaric has a unique affinity for compost piles and can naturalize easily if compost is added to its bed periodically throughout the year, and the heat generated by the composting process creates a safe haven for mycelium during the colder months.

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