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27Mar ,2017

Morel Culivation Research Update

Morel Culivation Research Update

Morels are some of the most coveted mushrooms on the planet, but they are extremely particular about their growing environment, which makes them not only difficult to forage for, but even more difficult to cultivate. when i am teaching, this is the mushroom that i get asked about the most, usually by beginners who think that since we can grow shiitakes and oysters on logs, growing morels must be equally simple. unfortunately that is far from the truth. unlike other cultivated mushrooms, these fungi are extremely variable, so each strain isolated from a particular region can have cultivation parameters much different from those of the next.
Most cultivation manuals that propose strategies for successful morel cultivation offer the information as suggestion rather than fact, and this book is no different. balance any broad claims about morel cultivation alongside your own observation of local strains and any tests you conduct in the lab. caveats aside, recently there has been some great research and even some success cultivating morels on a site specific basis. although cultivation is not yet consistent, we are learning more about how to support and trigger morel fruiting both in outdoor beds and, more infrequently, indoor. so keep those dreams alive and experient with the following parameters.

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