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25Mar ,2017

Recycling, Composting, and Vermicomposting with Mushroom

Recycling, Composting, and Vermicomposting with Mushroom

In the united States, an average of 35 percent of home waste and 60 percent of bussiness waste is suitable for use as a mushroom growing substrate. mushrooms can be grown on toilet and paper towel rollers, egg cartons, newspapers, magazines, coffee grounds, tea bags, old cotton clothing, tissue boxes, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, and many other common materials. in addation to yielding a bountiful mushroom harvest, these products can also be used to expand mycelium into a biomass that could conceivably be used to inoculate larger waste streams or substrates for a wide spectrum of applications, including composting, mycoremediation projects, and creating value added consumer goods such as insulation or living paper products, which are made of recycled mushroom growing media, such as spent oyster mushroom substrate, that are pressed into forms, and only need water to begin the composting process.
To recycle and compost with mushrooms, start by simply identifying your biodegradable waste. seperate your weekly garbage for a few weeks to determine exactly how much waste of type paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, food. you are generating. 

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