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25Mar ,2017

cultivating mushrooms on pasteurized or sterilized media

cultivating mushrooms on pasteurized or sterilized media

When cultivating mushrooms on agricultural by products such as sawdusts, cereal straws, and oher forms of dried plant debris and vegetation, most growers choose to either pasteurize or sterilize the medium before adding the spawn. there are two reasons for doing this. if the medium is dryer, pasteurizing or sterilizing with a hot water bath or injecting live, wet steam can help hydrate it, softening up the substrate to make it more digestible for the mushroom mycelium. and the heat or chemicals used to pasteurize or sterilize can decrease or eliminate populations of potential competions that the spawn may encounter as it is coloniing the medium. in a sense, it buys time, enough time for the mycelium to capture as much of the substrate as possible.
The type of mushroom that you want to grow may dictate which process to use, but the kind of heat treatment you have available may also influence what kind of mushroom you cultivate. and sterilization of sawdust, which involves pressure cooking or autoclaving sawdust in heat tolerant bags. you can scale these concepts up or down depending on your production goals, so do not hesitate to start small. whichever method you choose, i am sure you will finds the process easier than it sounds. all it really involves is heating water for pasteurization or cooking media inside of a pressure cooker for sterilization.

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