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24Mar ,2017

Growing Mushroom

Growing Mushroom 

The tropics have a wide spectrum of biomass suitable for mushroom production that is virtually untapped, such as waste by products from the forest and agriculture. In March 2013, i traveled to Haiti as a consultant with clemson Engineers for Develping countries to explore applications for mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation in Haitian communities. we discovered that a peanut operation was shelling and composting the peanut hulls, which could have been used to produce edible oyster mushroom. Upon returning to South Carolina, we found peanut hulls, pasteurized them, and cultivated oyster mushrooms in under two weeks, which is extremely fast. although we have not been able to sustain the mushroom operation yet, this clearly demonstrates the ability to fruit mushrooms on agricultural waste by products anywhere in the world if spawn is avaiable and the techniques are distributed freely.
Working in areas where infrastructure is minimal, forcing us to use extremely low techmethods of cultivation, has improved my understanding of and appreciation for the absolute minimal requirements for growing mushroom productively and efficiently. in these survival situation, i am challenged to push the limits of what is possible to produce edible protein from garbage, paper, and other waste in just a few weeks. and it is possible. Given the knowledge and skills, just about any region in the world could build a thriving food production system using little or no fertility by composting the spent mushroom media.

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