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24Mar ,2017

The Seven Basic Stages of Mushroom Cultivation

The Seven Basic Stages of Mushroom Cultivation

There are seven basic stages of mushroom cultivation: media preparation; inoculation and container filling; the spawn run; complete colonization; initiation and pinning;maturation and harvest; and rest. These stages are based on the stages of the mushroom life cycle, so if you understand the life cycle and you also become fluent in these stages of cultivation, you can apply that information to many different kinds of mushroom on many different kinds of growing media, from easy to cultivate mushrooms like shiitakes and oysters to more difficult or experimental mushrooms.
Though there are countless methods, species, and materials you may choose from, what must stay constant is your adherence to these seven stages. Deviating from the essentials that mushroom can result in extremely poor yields or even total crop failure. when you are cultivating a mushroom for first time, or if you are trying a method, try growing the mycelium on the smallest scale possible and then scale up when you are ready, it is like building a prototype car before you spend the money and resources on constructing an entire fleet. This gives you the time flexibility to make corrections to your system before mass producting mushrooms in a way that is less than optimal.


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