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24Mar ,2017

The control measures on common diseases when you cultivate Oyster in greenhouse

1. Tuberculate Mushroom: Mushroom bodies grows tardily while tuberculate particles occur. In serious condition, mushroom caps become stubborn and pinched, finally they terminate the growth.
Control measures: Cultivate low and medium temperature type variety, enhance the heat preservation and temperature augment of greenhouse, and control the fruiting temperature of greenhouse. For low- medium-temperature variety, you should control the fruiting temperature to above 8 degrees, the temperature of low-temperature variety should be controlled to above 2 degrees.
2. Thick Stipe Mushroom: After the occurrence of primordium, the differentiation and growth of fungus cap present abnormal, the main characteristics are tiny fungus cap and long & thick stipe which dramatically reduce the commodity value.
Control measures: In low-temperature weather, mushroom greenhouse should be ventilated for short-time at noon so as to ensure sufficient oxygen supply in greenhouse.
3. Blue Mushroom: During the growth phase of mushroom body, the edge of fungus cap shows blue halo. In serious condition, it seems as if the whole bodies are sprinkled in blue ink which refuses to fade away even after the picking.
Control measures: It is the symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning on mushroom bodies, hence you should timely discharge carbon monoxide and other poisonous gas out of greenhouse. If you want to warm up the greenhouse, it is superior to utilize sunlight or central heating.

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