Mushroom equipment


24Mar ,2017

The sale of fresh mushrooms for the purpose of harvesting

In Europe, the use of shelves cultivation, had to develop a wide range of auxiliary harvesting machinery, harvesting machine by the fixed pulley, moving pulley, turntable consisting of lifting and collecting machine, hand turntable, shortening the pulley, between the moving pulley Steel wire thread distance, the recovery pedal can be improved, the top of the harvesting machine has a pulley, the pulley in the cultivation of the upper end of the fixed chute to move, so the cultivation of flatness is very important. Harvesting machine is not used, you can easily remove, leaning on the corner of the corner, this collector can only stand the harvest, more hard.
The harvester to further improve, add accessories, expand the work surface, make room, cultivators can sit and harvest, reduce the intensity of work, hand-harvesting machines have to work hard to shake the lift, and now the Netherlands has appeared electric harvest Machine, the work interface has been greatly improved, due to electric lift independent mobile left and right, and did not rely on the cultivation frame to do support, work center is relatively high, for safety reasons,
The surface must be very flat, for this reason, in the ground watering must be embedded flat iron, in order to maintain the electric harvesting machine vertical, adjust the ground screw, so that the overall cultivation of flat.

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