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24Mar ,2017

Cultivation of short papaya mushrooms in Taiwn

There are many cultivated patterns of mushroom sticks in China, such as Qingyuan layer, Xixia model, Suizhou mode and Pingquan mode.
Taiwan Liang Zhixin introduced the development history of the set of mushrooms, in 1973, with the development of space package cultivation methods, to 2000, the number of cultivated mushrooms in the space package up to 160 million bales per year. Dried mushrooms yield more than 4,000 tons per year, becoming Taiwan's largest production of mushrooms. Taiwan mushrooms are mainly distributed in Taichung County and Nantai County, accounting for 98% of the total amount of dry mushrooms in Taiwan. The production methods of Taiwan mushrooms are divided into 10 steps, from the accumulation of wood, packing, sterilization, inoculation, mycelial growth Mushroom mature, harvesting, finishing, drying, packaging.At present, Taiwan mushroom cultivation industry there are two characteristics, the first is Acacia wood, maple as the main growth matrix, the second is the size of the investment may be small, small can use bamboo cover Cultivation, large can be painted with a paint plate or iron cover.
After years of development, Taiwan's mushroom consumption development showed seven major trends, one is to consume dry mushrooms, but fresh mushrooms gradually into the market, but still dry mushrooms, three mushrooms health food gradually developed, four is In order to protect the safety of consumers, the introduction of GPA system, five is the mushroom snack food to be promoted, six is the transformation of traditional mushroom production for tourism and leisure farms, seven is to follow the market development of agricultural production and marketing resume system, Taiwan mushroom industry development so far, Other mushroom consumer culture.

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