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24Mar ,2017

Cultivation and Mixing of Cultivation Materials

Edible fungus substitute cultivars are composed of a variety of agricultural and sideline products waste, and most of the different diameter of the particles or powder. In order to make all the alternative cultivars can be fully mixed and contain a certain degree of humidity, must use the mechanical mixing, that is, stirring. Mixing equipment has a variety of forms, suitable for different production scale.
It is popular to say that the ingredients in the cultivated formula are divided into concentrate and coarse material. Concentrate refers to wheat bran, rice bran, corn flour, light calcium carbonate and so on. Coarse material refers to the wood chips, corn cobs and other large amount of cultivation materials.
After the formula is determined, the concentrate can be converted into the corresponding volume, because the amount of concentrate is relatively small, according to the day of the production of various accessories, weighed, one-time poured into the livestock feed mixer, the concentrate pre-mixed, And then the amount of weight into the batch mixer, this approach saves the same as each kind of accessories to take the same time spent.
Wood chips pre-wet, edible fungus factory-based cultivated products are mostly wood rot fungi, wood chips as the main cultivation materials, but from the wood processing plant wood is more mixed, need to use the drum before the use of upper and lower shaking sieve removal, Can also be the first accumulation of fermentation, and then use reciprocating small screening machine.

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