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23Mar ,2017

china: The cultivation of culture mushroom

china: The cultivation of culture mushroom

The cultivation of culture mushroom has two kinds of artificial inoculation and machine. Artificial inoculation, the efficiency is low. Grown in large factory workshop, the machine vaccination is easy to operate, it can realize automatic vaccination, immunization efficiency can reach 3000-3000 bags per hour, pollution rate is low, can greatly reduce the vaccination costs;Inoculation quantity can be adjusted according to the need (20-40 grams), uniform inoculation amount for each bag.
Strain refers to edible fungi mycelium and its growth matrix composed of breeding materials.Bacteria are divided into mother (level 1), cultivated species (level 2) and (3) level 3.Mother: will propagate pure mycelium or spores in vitro medium. Can produce native species, also suitable for preservation. Species: mother kind of hyphae in the solid medium propagation. This process enhancement hyphae to the cultivation of environmental adaptability, and have the effect of propagation. Species can direct the mushroom. Cultivated: composed of seed propagation. Mainly for propagation, provide enough strain for production.According to its morphological characteristics, strains of bacterial species is divided into solid and liquid.
So the machine has a solid strains inoculated machine and liquid strain inoculation machine.In the process of bag cultivation, mushroom cultivation, generally USES solid strains, mushroom plant widely used solid strain inoculation machine;Apricot bao mushroom cultivation, generally USES the liquid strain and USES the strain inoculation machine.

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