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23Mar ,2017

The agaricus bisporus market in Europe

The agaricus bisporus market in Europe

Agaricus bisporus is also called the white mushroom, mushroom, the mushroom, cultivation and consumption GuZhong is worldwide.
Agaricus bisporus is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere temperate zone, it is like to grow in dung a grass saprophytic fungi fermentation material on the grass.Agaricus bisporus in accordance with the color lid can be divided into white and brown species.Both in the cultivation of habits, production performance, the product quality are different, with white is the most widely cultivated.Europe is the cradle of agaricus bisporus cultivation, highly mechanized farming.In the early 1970 s, Shanghai and fujian is agaricus bisporus cultivation production areas in China.In recent years, domestic began to agaricus bisporus hot growing, is just a simple mechanization and cultivation of library houses, most still belongs to the natural season cultivation.


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