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22Mar ,2017

china: The Edible fungi bag cultivation process

china: The Edible fungi bag cultivation process

In the process of factory cultivation, the layout of the plant shall, according to the biological characteristics of the fungi, before planning, think it over and over again, seize the main contradiction, combining with the terrain, wind and water, and should make the factory transportation is convenient, stream of people, logistics lines clear, comprehensive consideration, a reasonable trade-off.Overall layout takes the field type, well type, back to the font, etc., keep the air circulation.But between industry and there is no uniform standard. 
Cultivation process roughly the same: pretreating - > stir - cooling - > sterilization - cooling - > > > vaccination (strains) - > training - > the mushroom picking - > - > frozen - > sales.In different link, the required equipment and each are not identical.


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