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21Mar ,2017

Mushroom bag filling machine for mushroom farm

This  mushroom bag filling machine is a kind of edible fungus factory, and large scale of production equipment, transmission, stirring, bagging more procedures and operation in a combination, it has a high production efficiency, labor intensity is small characteristics, edible fungus production line, bag production line complete synchronization.

Oyster mushroom bag filling machine is one line, including substrate mixer,4 m conveyor,mushroom bagging machine,you can choose the bag sealing machine,the crusher machine is only best choose,it can crush sawdust, straw, etc.
We feeding the mushroom need some steps:
1. crusher the sawdust
2.natural fermentation
3. mixing substrate
4. bagging the substrate
7. some times, the final production-mushroom.
Raw material:
Sawdust,rice bran,wheat bran,straw,corn stalk,cotton seeds huller,corn cob,etc.
common mushroom has oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, needle mushroom, pleurotus eryngii,black fungus,white fungus,reishi,maitake,etc.
We can supply different plan for you, according to your budget for mushroom production equipment .

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