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21Mar ,2017

The edible fungus distribution characteristics in china

The edible fungus distribution characteristics in china

Edible fungus is accompanied by reform and opening up the rapid formation of a new industry in China, due to its nutrition, delicious, health three characteristics caused by the huge market demand, stimulate the industry scale rapid expansion, at present our country has become a global the first big country, edible fungus production accounted for 70% of world output.In 2013 China's edible fungus production reached 29.36 million tons, output value of more than 180 billion yuan, the export volume of more than $20.More than 800 national edible fungi factory production enterprises
At present, China's edible fungus production value ten million yuan of above county has more than 500, more than 100 one hundred million yuan of above county.National formed in mushroom, mushrooms, edible fungus, agaricus bisporus, needle mushroom, chicken leg mushroom, slider mushroom, tea tree mushroom and so on more than 30 scale plant production of edible fungi species common development pattern.China's edible fungus professional cooperatives, which has more than 4000.652 factory production enterprises, these enterprises are production throughout the year, Thomson output reached 3000 tons.


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