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21Mar ,2017

The edible fungus distribution characteristics in the world

The edible fungus distribution characteristics in the world

The edible fungus industry area mainly concentrated in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, the United States and other developed countries, Europe and America products is almost a single agaricus bisporus.In the late 80 s, the rise of edible fungi in Asia, especially China, production and global rising proportion.In 2013, the world on the edible fungus cultivation in China mainly concentrated in the developed countries, the annual output of more than 100000 tons of countries worldwide have eight, according to the output is 410000 tons in the United States, in turn, Japan, 380000 tons, the Netherlands 230000 tons, 200000 tons of South Korea, Vietnam, 170000 tons, 140000 tons of France, Thailand, 120000 tons, 100000 tons of Britain.In 2013, the global cultivated edible fungus market capitalization of about $300-34 billion.Except our country state-owned edible fungi are mainly exported to the Netherlands, Poland, Britain, France, Vietnam, India, Japan and South Korea, etc.
The edible fungus is given priority to with the agaricus bisporus,, enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, maitake, black fungus and other varieties also has a certain market.Pennsylvania is America's largest edible fungus production, production reached the national 45%, followed by California, accounts for 20% of national output.Japan's highest yield of edible fungi for the apricot bao mushroom, mushroom, true JiGu and mushroom, South Korea's cultivated varieties is given priority to with mushroom, mushroom, needle mushroom and agaricus bisporus, the Netherlands, France, Spain, major producers of edible fungi in Europe has strong research and development and production capacity.


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