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20Mar ,2017

Autoclave Fermentation Cylinder For Mushroom Cultivation

Autoclave Fermentation Cylinder For Mushroom Cultivation

1. It is heated directly but it is cooled indirectly. The cooling water and sterilizing water are not mixed together, avoiding the secondary pollution.
2. It does not need water sterilizing chemicals and the high temperature can contribute to the sterilization in a short time.
3. A small quantity of sterilizing water can circulate quickly to reach the expected sterilizing temperature.
4. Multiple-step temperature raise and down can keep the color and flavor of food production.
5. Low noise, energy saving, water saving and environment protection.
6. It can save space and labor. It is operated easily.
7. Precise pressure control system can ensure food package won’t change in cooling period, especially inflated packaged food.

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