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20Mar ,2017

Learn to deal with the enemy during mushroom cultivation -mites

Mites jeopardize many kinds of mushroom, after they make troubles on mushrooms, spawns fail to bud and then mushroom buds become withered and dead. The followings are four key control measures:
1. Spray drugs to kill them: 50%, 1000 times of Omethoate, 500 times of Propargite are highly recommended.
2. Trap and kill them by rape seed cake: Put several pieces of damp cloths on the surface of material where mites live, then scatter fried rape seed cake powder on cloths. When finding that mites have gathered on them, remove the cloths into a bowl of boiling water.
3. Trap by the solution of sugar and vinegar: Mix acetic acid, water and sugar in accordance with the proportion of 1 to 1 to 0.1, then combine with drops of DDVP and mix well, soak gauze in this prepared solution for a while and then put it on the surface of material, when mites gather on top, take it down and drop in boiling water. 
4. Pig bone: Put fresh pig bones on fungus bed with certain distances. When you find that mites have gathered on top, immediately remove them into boiling water, and pig bones could be repeatedly utilized till mites disappear. (Source: China Agricultural Promotion Web.)

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