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05Nov ,2016

The nine control methods on Green Mold of mushroom cultivation

1. Lower the temperature and humidity in mushroom house, strengthen the ventilation, cover the infected part with plant ash so as to prevent the mould spores from spreading.
2. Firstly fumigate indoors with 3% of Lysol Solution or 3% of Formaldehyde solution, then rinse the infected part with 1% of Potassium Permanganate Solution.
4. Soak the mould in 5% of lime water, when it disappears, discharge lime water and supplement with new materials.
5. Prepare a Kemeiling Solution carrying the proportion of 1 to 200 times, then inject or brush it on the infected part.
6. Prepare a Benomyl Solution carrying the proportion of 1 to 800 times, then spray on the infected part.
7. Smear or brush with 3% of Lysol Solution on the infected part, get rid of the mould after cleaning tools, each time of tool-cleaning should be followed up with the same digging. After that, supplement the compost and strain. The method is efficient in curing terminal mould infection.
8. In raw material cultivation, applying 1300 times of Tecto contributes to thoroughly control and eradicate mould infection.

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