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15Mar ,2017

Heilongjiang mudanjiang agaric in practice they increase production

"Is that tremella?""The latest varieties is white fungus, black fungus."In mudanjiang northeast dongning greenhouses in the city of agaric base, the city of black fungus industry Liu Jingchun said excitedly, "this new product is still in trial stage, the kinds of fungus are put outdoor, weather, and now we are using the latest 'covered hang bag technology, affected by the weather is very small, the price can sell 1 times more."
"Black fungus research every year, every year has a bonus."Was Yang town in hexi village villagers liu jiang is famous as rich of science and technology leader, a few years ago, in most regions of the country is still in log cultivated edible fungus, he built investment to hang bag of greenhouses, led the villagers to make bag cultivation.Recently, they have successfully implemented the winter edible fungus cultivation, do not free all the year round."It is not easy to do research, over the years thanks to the government incentives, I didn't give up."Liu jiang said.
Liu jiang said incentive is "black fungus science and technology reward fund".Beginning in 2009, mudanjiang took out 500000 yuan a year to practice the reward, popularize advanced technology of peasant household 10000 worth 10000 yuan reward.In addition, mudanjiang opened black fungus technology television channels, edible fungi institute built four, combined with the national more than 20 research institutes to carry out technical research, successively developed covered hang bag, single chip through the holes, white fungus, such as new technology and new products, make mudanjiang domestic black fungus technology research and development of "silicon valley".Under construction base, standardization of edible fungus production base in the villages and towns 45, the city built ZhuanYe Village 290;Black fungus PengShi 6242 buildings, culture 170 million bags.
Power enhances quality of science and technology, the project construction to drive efficiency, pieces of black fungus industry of scale, the drum and the people.In the first half of last year, mudanjiang black fungus production scale of 1.875 million tons, the output value of 9 billion yuan, pull the per capita net income of farmers increase 2600 yuan.

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