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05Nov ,2016

How to prevent dead Straw mushrooms?

1. Straw mushrooms fit in high-temperature and high-humidity environment. After moving the compost into mushroom house, be sure to strictly control the water content, put an end to use overage strain and keep the temperature of mushroom house at 30 degrees or so.
2. Straw mushrooms fall under aerobic fungus type and always want large quantity of water. Frequent ventilation easily results in dead mushrooms for lack of water while insufficient ventilation may produces excessive carbon dioxide, hence the ventilation and moisture retention of mushroom house should be kept in a coordinated step.
3. The proportion of wheat bran thrown on the surface of fungus bed should be lower than 30% so as to reduce the occurrence rate of Green Mold and other sundry fungi, as well as other pest hazards.
4. You should be careful when picking Straw mushrooms for fear of causing harm on tiny mushrooms or breaking the subiculum.

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