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05Nov ,2016

Pollution-free mushroom production measures

1. Improve ecological environment: mushroom house should be settled in the place where is close to river, has good ventilation, wide surrounding area, away from livestock farm, brewery, living quarters and hospital, the desirable distance is 3000 meters. The method of pesticide disinfection on cultivation field could be replaced by turning the soil, leaving under the sun to bleach and water. Besides, water should be fresh and free from pollution. It is strictly prohibited to spray or soak mushrooms with waste water.
2. Biological control: people could prepare botanical insecticide with purple perilla and rape seed cake to kill mites. People could also guard a pass on each links including compost preparation, fermentation, inoculation, spawn running and fruiting management so as to reduce diseases, pests and strengthen the disease resistance. In addition, people could try to cultivate various mushrooms, implement interplanting and crop rotation. For instance, Black fungus holds thick fragrance which is formidable for pests and mosquitoes, hence it is advisable to conduct alternating crop rotation between mushroom and Bamboo fungus, which facilitates preventing pests.
3. Physical control: for inoculation room, spawn running room and clean bench, people could adopt Uv lamp sterilization of 30 watt or electronic ozone sterilizer. In cultivation room, it is preferred to adopt black lamp light to trap and kill pests, mosquitoes and flies. Moreover, installing fly net and screen window in the doors and windows of mushroom house is also an efficient way.
4. Strictly adhere to scientific medical treatment and insist on “Prevention first”: when required, choose high-efficient, low-toxin and low residual pesticides such as Trichlorfon, Phoxim, Propargite and Metalaxyl. People could partially spray a small quantity of pesticide before fruiting or after each batch of picking. Last, but not least, it is forbidden to spray pesticides for a long time or use mercury pesticides such as Chlordimeform, Omethoate and Toxaphene, which are high-toxin and high-residual.

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