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13Mar ,2017

Liquid strains cultivated mushroom and new pattern

The traditional pattern of mushroom cultivation, most used solid strains, x55 15 cm long and thin planting bag, multipoint bagging pollution prevention after inoculation, and then take off the bag of aerobic bacteria.The disadvantage of this schema is: solid strain cycle is long, fungus age inconsistent vitality is relatively poor, multipoint inoculation efficiency low, high risk pollution bacteria slow cycle is long;Long bag and the mushroom late filling water difficult and scrawled the mushrooms.Bagging, take off the bag both work and increase the cost;The whole model is not conducive to mechanization and automation, it is difficult to increase production efficiency to reduce costs.I have according to their own with liquid strains of mushroom production experience for many years, in line with the good for mechanization and automation system, increase efficiency, reduce costs, shorten cycle concept, to improve the quality of production, summed up a set of using liquid strains crocus (20 x50 cm) socket mouth plunger sterilization single-point centre to new patterns.The business affairs of Chinese edible fungi of the platform and colleagues communication, for your reference.
A, fungus bag selection and sealing method
Choose folding picture 20 cm in length 50 cm thick 5 wire Angle of polyethylene or polypropylene bags, adopts horizontal expansion sacker bagging, by adopting the method of nest mouth plunger seal, long plunger accounts for two-thirds of fungus bag live-fire height, fungus bag litter import within 3 cm.Nest mouth plunger plunger can also be used by manual socket mouth machine automation to improve efficiency.Bag factory can be customized 8-10 bags of high temperature sterilization basket, crib basket or sterilizing car into the pot, the mushroom can pallet.
Second, the sterilization method
High pressure sterilization 123 degree 3 hours or normal pressure sterilization for 10 hours.Sterilization to complete discharge into the sterile environment cooled to 25 degrees before inoculation.Sterilization method in the pot unloaded easily exposed to atmospheric environment secondary pollution caused by the fungus bag surface, vaccination need aerosol fumigated before it is best to use the ozone disinfector in disinfection sterilization.
Three, inoculation method
Bag factory USES the line of vaccination, inoculation room environment disinfected with ozone sterilizer 1 hour early treatment, early half an hour to open the line of the fan, ultraviolet light, researchers to strict aseptic procedures, good cooling fungus bag under the basket to vaccination by conveying roller machine, two people one pull rod connected to the liquid strain 50 ml, then into destroy bacteria without cotton or sponge.Finish the fungus bag to vaccination and shipped to the pure outdoor by rollers.Line can pick up more than 1000 bags per hour.The conditions are not available for factory, also can use of inoculation room, but must use ozone sterilization, form a complete set of anion fan form partial sterile environment, otherwise the pollution is bad.

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