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05Nov ,2016

Mushroom mixing machine for mushroom cultivating

Shiitake Mushroom spring management measures Spring is the fruiting peak of shiitake mushroom, at this time the climate is changeable, if the management is improper, production and quality will be greatly affected. 1.Water spray depends on the weather Spray water when the edible fungus skin is slightly dry in sunny day, generally spray water to the mushroom log surface with sprayer after picking the mushroom in the morning, coating thin film after 30 minutes. Note that the rainy day does not spray, not spray before picking,not spray when the mushroom log is moist. shiitake mushroom 2.Mushroom bed cover film to be flexible Uncover ventilating combined with picking mushroom,cover membrane after picking.When the temperature is higher than 20,Uncover the two ends of the film to be ventilated,and uncover the whole film in sultry day and rainy day. 3.Dry-wet alternate moderation mushroom log 4.Hypha clean up in time Each time after picking the tide mushroom, remove the parts with mould with a knife, and range the edible fungus mushroom log on the mushroom bed, ventilate the mushroom bed, cover the film when it is slightly dry.

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