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10Mar ,2017

UK: doctors recommend eating more edible mushrooms

    A recent study by British doctors has found that moderate consumption of some products may help the body to become younger and help prolong life
    The top five products including: containing a variety of amino acids of vegetable oil and sesame; rich in vitamin A, B and C as well as antioxidant pepper; kelp contains iodine, iron, magnesium, folic acid and other nutrients; Jiang Huang is very good for the heart and blood vessels. The mushroom is really super food, its mineral composition the equivalent of fruit, the carbohydrate content can be comparable with vegetables, while the protein content far exceeds the meat. The edible fungi all kinds of vitamins and essential proteins and compounds, on the human body systems have a beneficial effect, and provide nutrition to hair, skin and nails; beneficial to the cardiovascular disease, and mushroom contains very little heat, but also help to lose weight.

    At the same time, the British professional also pointed out that only moderate consumption of these products can benefit from it

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