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24Feb ,2017

The United States: poisonous mushrooms has medicinal potential

  Recently, researchers from the University of Michigan found that two kinds of poisonous mushrooms has potential as a drug. Two kinds of poisonous mushrooms were "death Cap Growth on the west coast of the US and Europe" (Amanita phalloides) and growth in Michigan's "angel of destruction" mushroom.

   The study found that poisonous mushroom toxin producing gene is highly toxic cyclic peptides, but not all of the synthetic peptides are mushrooms are toxic to humans, part of the "mushroom molecular" has become the possibility of therapeutic drugs. Cyclic peptides with unique properties, can penetrate the blood inside the treatment of damaged cells. Many cyclic peptides have been known as anti tuberculosis, multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus, anti TB drug combinations and various forms of cancer.
   Scientists hope to use new technology to find new compounds can be synthesized in a large number of applications of cyclic peptides, in order to adapt to the development of new pharmaceutical molecules in the form of effective

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