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22Feb ,2017

Vietnam: high-tech equipment to help mushroom production

  Recently, in the North River City "Vietnam Song Cui province Beijiang mushroom field, workers are busy making jundai. According to the person in charge, the mushroom farm cultivation area of 5000 square meters, the main varieties of letinous edodes Nissan 800-1000 kg, this year, mushroom farm invested 800 million vnd for the introduction of high-tech equipment sterilization. Packaging and other sectors, is expected before the end of this year will return to the half.

   "I work in the city of Hu Zhiming, an electronics company a few years ago a considerable income, but leave the hometown life makes me very tired, plus the hometown of edible fungi cultivation income is also good, so I decided to quit the job, starting from scratch into the mushroom." said Mr. Ruan.
   Mr. Ruan said, he returned home after the discovery of this is the right choice, GIA Lai cool weather is very suitable for the growth of edible fungi, edible quality and output quality, the market has gradually expanded to the central province of Vietnam. It is understood that the Ruan operated by Mr. mushroom field is equipped with automatic irrigation system, about 15 minutes to complete irrigation abalone mushroom, black fungus, letinous edodes, as the mushroom varieties, production reached 200-300 kg.

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