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15Feb ,2017

Russia: taldom district actively for oyster mushroom production project investme

   The Russian taldom area smooth implementation of the mushroom production project, the district is to establish a good investment environment to attract investors.
   "Taldom products" company responsible Nadezhda told reporters: "our company is leasing local factory, planned monthly capacity of 20 tons of mushrooms, but now the production of less than 10 tons of edible products. Mainly depends on constant indoor temperature, but now we are burning wood heating, temperature is not stable, the environment is very unfavorable to the cultivation of edible fungi. You must use the gas heating, but also there is no gas pipeline laying, if the company's own pipe laying cost will be enormous"
   Moscow governor Andre Vorobinf said that the investment is an arduous task. We should provide comprehensive support for enterprises and investors to provide all possible assistance for them. Their employment in Moscow, has a great role in promoting the tax and the modern science and technology progress.

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