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09Feb ,2017

Kyrgyzstan: new EU export policies help Kyrgyzstan

    The 2016 year of Kyrgyzstan EU shipments increased by 53.4 percentage points. According to the country's economy minister, in 2016 Kyrgyzstan's exports to EU countries exports of goods reached US $66 million 700 thousand, an increase of 53.4%, thanks to the implementation of the "GSP+" preferential policies.
    It is understood that Kyrgyzstan has become a member of the "GSP+" in January 2016, which makes the country more than 6200 kinds of goods sold in the EU duty-free.2016 a total of more than and 50 enterprises of products exported to Europe, mainly involving soy products, textiles and edible fungi, including edible fungi accounted for 9 per cent ratio, sales also has a lot of edible fungi the promotion.
    According to government reports, Kyrgyzstan is currently working with the EU to study the future development path, to promote the further entry of Kyrgyzstan's products into the EU market.

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