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08Feb ,2017

Liang female merchants to invest 12 million rubles to build mushroom factory

   Recently, mushroom cultivation company "agricultural mushroom farm" opened in Ryazan region and Jankulovski.
   The previous farm was potato storage, equipped with special equipment worth 12 million rubles, and 10 workers. The company responsible Ekaterina told reporters: "we will be equipped with three cultivation room, the first crop mushroom in February is expected to be 15-20 about harvest, yield will be 3 tons. The other two the greenhouse after harvest, weekly yield of 3 tons"

   With the assistance of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce for the development of the supply of goods, the farm produced products will be sold to the regional trade network, and will also be sold to the shops in Moscow.
    Ekaterina added: "I hope to open up production lines and build second production lines in Moscow and the mushroom market in 2018".

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