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05Feb ,2017

Japan: in the mountains of artificial cultivation of truffles

    According to Japanese media reports, in order to realize the artificial cultivation of mushroom truffle senior at home, the Japanese city of Tsukuba Ibaraki County Forest Comprehensive Research Institute is trying to establish cultivation technology research. The Ministry of agriculture since 2015 year comprehensive research on Senior Principal forest mushroom cultivation techniques, including truffles. Forestry and Fisheries Technology Conference Affairs Bureau responsible person, "we hope that this can as mountain area products to enhance regional vitality."

    According to the Forest Research Institute said, with the same growth in truffle matsutake roots. It has overseas cultivated precedent, as in the Mediterranean and the ground will be cultivated in oak seedlings of truffles. In Japan, the natural growth of truffle environmental conditions is not very clear, but the Forest Research Institute so far analyzed spores the structure, determination of 2 kinds of white truffles for new varieties. The possibility in the future will find artificial cultivation, and other similar domestic varieties and truffle were analyzed. It has been confirmed that the white truffle in 1 in Miyagi Prefecture, Ibaraki County, Mie, and other places. It is reported that the natural growth of Osaka can grow to a diameter about 4 cm, a large number can be collected, the "garlic flavor" and American white truffles are similar.
    Forest research special researcher Kinoshita Akihiko said, at this stage to be able to eat as the goal, and strive to establish the cultivation technology in 2019.

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