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03Feb ,2017

Vietnam: accelerate the development of mushroom industry to promote income

     As a pure agricultural city, a few years ago, most farmers Haiphong to grow rice for a living, but in recent years, the city established a commune Association of farmers cooperative group, to accelerate the development of mushroom industry, to help local farmers to create new jobs and increase income.
Even Japan, Vietnam, Hanoi city a mushroom cooperatives engaged in mushroom harvest.
     According to the person in charge, the society currently has more than and 30 members, making full use of cotton waste, sawdust, straw and other raw materials perennial cultivating mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum and letinous edodes varieties, mainly exported to north, Yongfu, Ngee Ann and other provinces and cities.
     According to the city a mushroom farm owners said that in recent years, the city mushroom industry vigorous development, has brought considerable benefits. He operated a farm produce perennial letinous edodes, mushroom and Ganoderma species, monthly turnover of 90 million vnd.

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