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24Jan ,2017

Shiitake mushroom's living conditions

     Shiitake's growth and development needs of the living conditions, including water, nutrition, temperature, air, light and pH and so on

    1, letinous edodes is a kind of nutritional quality of saprophytic bacteria, rely on the decomposition and absorption of nutrients in the wood for a living. In sawdust cultivation, cultivation materials added some nutrients, such as rice bran, wheat bran, sugar and trace elements, the mycelium growth is good, to promote letinous edodes's high quality and high yield.
    2, letinous edodes is low temperature, temperature setting of the spore germination of fungi, the optimum temperature is 22 to 26 DEG C; range of mycelial growth of 3 to 32 DEG C, temperature 10 to 28 DEG C; the fruiting bodies grow at a temperature of 5 to 25 DEG C, temperature 12 - 18 DEG. Different varieties of letinous edodes, temperature requirements are also different, such as "7402" varieties in the monthly average temperature of 12 to 17 DEG C when the highest yield of mushroom. Low temperature and temperature stimulation to fruiting occurs at a constant temperature, do not form the mushroom bud primordium.
    3, letinous edodes water in different growth stages of moisture and humidity are different.


The mycelial growth, cultivation material moisture content to 55%, the air relative humidity to about 70% is appropriate; fruiting stages with 60% moisture content, relative humidity of the air in 85 - 93% as appropriate.
    4, letinous edodes air is aerobic fungi, hypoxia mycelium aging, fruiting bodies appear deformity, and some fungi and bacteria is easy to breed.
    5, the light scattering intensity for letinous edodes needs in the growth process, light scattering can promote hyphal development and pigment deposition. In the transformation and fruiting the differentiation period, no light scattering of the primordium is not easy to form. In the light of the shortage of the letinous edodes, a pale, thin meat, long handle, poor quality. Of course, direct light too much is harmful.
    6, pH value:letinous edodes in acidic culture material suitable for the growth of pH in the range of 3 to 7, of which 5 is the most suitable. In the case of sawdust cultivation, cultivation block pH to 3.55 is appropriate, the most suitable in about 4. These conditions are letinous edodes growth must have, but also complement each other, emphasizing one side while ignoring the other conditions for the normal growth of letinous edodes is unfavorable.

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