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21Jan ,2017

Russia: vinegar oyster mushroom product sales in the Amur shop.

      Recently, two grams of vinegar oyster mushroom products appear a jar of "Korean mushroom" or "pickled cabbage mushroom" sold for Shen Smolensk supermarket shelves.300 Prague in Russia about 150 rubles. This product is located in Prague Shen his "ACK" company production.
      "Mushroom cultivation has been a year of ACK" company, the monthly production of about two tons of mushrooms, and has a large network storage center. The launch of a new product line does not require a large capital investment, processing equipment only cost 45000 rubles.

     "We have 20 kinds of pickled mushroom production license, in addition to mushroom, Agaricus bisporus and Armillaria, and other edible fungi. Then we will gradually begin to develop new recipes, and keep inventory. We have three kinds of mushroom products of pink, white and ordinary mushroom", "director of ACK production company told reporters.
      Vinegar oyster mushroom production time takes 6 days after delivery to the supermarket packaging. "ACK" companies need to expand production, at present, the "ACK" monthly production of about 600 cans of mushrooms.

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