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16Jan ,2017

United States: Four Sigmatic company developed mushroom coffee.

    A company called "Four Sigmatic" of the new U.S. company developed a coffee products can improve brain power, the increase in productivity, reduce the pressure, but also contains a variety of minerals and nutrients, which are absent in ordinary coffee. Each cup contains 40 milligrams of caffeine, which is about half a a cup of coffee. As for the standard of taste, you almost never noticed the mushroom taste. The product website commentators even called it as "incredible satisfaction", "mellow and delicious" food ".

    The “Big time”report said, this coffee is liquid and drying of mushroom, and then extract. Made with coffee beans and other natural ingredients. This method of drinking coffee and Instant Coffee the same, only the coffee into a cup of hot water can be added. The brand was founded in person, indigenous people thousands of years ago some mushroom Whether it will become a mainstream product like beer or ice cream is still to be seen, but now he has received a lot of attention in social media.

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