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12Jan ,2017

Japan NHK researched a enoki mushroom soup that can reduce weight.

       Recently, Japan's NHK launched a mushroom broth, allegedly female daily consumption of the visceral fat reduction of 26%. it is understood that this soup slimming effect from mushroom contains linoleic acid, and linoleic acid can burn body fat. At the same time, mushroom is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber (2.5 times of cabbage), but also conducive to weight loss.

      The mushroom is called "plant meat" in the west, is a high protein food, rich in vitamins and minerals. Often edible mushrooms are good for health, but the nutritional function of different mushroom on the human body. Such as vitamin C of Pleurotus eryngii in high concentration, the formation and use of vitamin C and cosmetics raw materials in the peptides to inhibit melanin, so have a good whitening effect; mushroom is good to reduce the effect of cholesterol, can prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension; letinous edodes is rich in polysaccharide, can enhance the body immunity; mushroom due to rich in folic acid and vitamin B, is very good for pregnant women, can to help the development of the fetal brain, effectively prevent deformity.

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