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10Jan ,2017

Australia: P&L Rodgers mushroom farm will have double production

    Rodgers, a South Australia based producer of edible fungus, P&L, has started to build a new four and a half million dollars project, which is located at the port of Wakefield and will double its production
     The new composting site will be located in the vicinity of the existing mushroom farms, and will be recovered from the local chicken farms and farm by-products, used to produce edible mushrooms
     Rodgers said that the production of their own mycelium inoculation plant, you can ensure that the quality of the product is consistent, but also can greatly reduce the production time, in the future with more opportunities for development
     "We are very pleased to be able to have their own compost facilities, this from our farm only 100km. new composting plant we will do the original bus sterilization compost, compost, mycelia inoculation, we can realize the integration of various stages of composting." Rodgers said, "in the short term, the yield can be increased by 10-15%, the long term. We will have the opportunity to make the production doubled"
     P&L Rodgers is one of Nan'ao's largest edible fungus family farms, 35 tons per week can be achieved
     The project is expected to take 12 months, the total cost of about $4 million 500 thousand, of which the government regional development fund allocated $220000 to support.

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