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09Jan ,2017

United States: "Ecovative"company launched mushroom decorations

      If you are tired your immutable life, love those made from mushrooms and holiday decoration company with.Ecovative bio manufacturing furniture and mushroom packaging to create a series of well-known, can produce their own hands (DIY) jewelry, can not only decorate the beautiful Christmas tree, can also provide an interesting sustainable scientific experiment for the family. The mushroom decoration can be rapid growth in just five days.
      This holiday decoration company launched Ecovative is composed of six pieces of jewelry and a bag of mushrooms can form their own material. It is made by straw and corn. Consumers need to hypha dehydration will add water mushroom material, then put it into the jewelry, and observe its growth.
      Ecovative company official told reporters: holidays there will be a lot of material waste, we want to solve this problem with biotechnology, while improving people's awareness of environmental protection"

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