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05Jan ,2017

Korea: farmers cultivate shiitake mushroom and annual sales of 1.3 billion won

     It is reported that the Gyeonggi Do Lichuan City farm owners Mr. cloud has been engaged in the production of shiitake for nearly 14 years. Recently, he has been awarded by the local department of agriculture "strong agricultural youth representatives" award.
      According to Mr cloud, before he engaged in mushroom industry and fishery, but slowly cultivate the mushroom is a good industry profitable. He runs the floor now use mushroom sawdust, rice bran and other raw material for the production of medium, inoculation, sterilizing and other steps are in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation, the mushroom field at present annual sales of 1.3 billion won. Shiitake mushroom products are patented in 2014 successfully.

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