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30Dec ,2016

Russia: "Mushrooms" mushroom restaurant is popular

       It is reported that the Russian “Mushrooms” mushroom restaurant is located in the second floor of “wedding” shopping center, is a mushroom as the main ingredient of the restaurant, by the “White Rabbit Family” holding company
       The restaurant hired France and Italy well-known chef for the main dishes are delicious chef, truffle. Consumers can not only eat here, can also take delicious mushroom home. The restaurant claims that all edible fungi are the cost of sales.
       According to reports, the restaurant's truffle menu includes truffle sausage, truffle oil, truffle cream sauce, crab and other colored truffle dishes, there are a variety of edible fungus dishes: Lamb mushroom, mushroom cream soup, mushroom salad. Delicious dessert: Tiramisu cantharelloid, truffle honey cake, caramel morels and so on.
       The design of the restaurant is also very chic, the house with a lot of wood, and set up a stove, moss covered every corner, panoramic windows, you can watch the scenery outside the window.

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